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Icetistics [ īs'tistiks ] - A New Genre of Hockey Analytics

Here at we apply novel algorithms to NHL play-by-play files to uncover valuable information that often goes overlooked. We provide a suite of probabilities and data-splits along with unique statistics that help discern the strengths and weaknesses of NHL teams. Our methods are presented with background research (when applicable), justifications, and analyses. currently has five main components:

  • High-level overview of our site, who we are, and where is headed.
  • Information detailing the building blocks of our site, including our data quality assurance & quality control (QA/QC) framework and statistical methods, etc.
  • What’s the probability of the home team winning a game when they’re trailing at the end of the first period? What about when the away team has the lead going into the third period? We provide win/loss probabilities for each team as a function of location, i.e., home or away, and categorical score (leading, tied, or trailing) relative to an opponent at the end of each period.
Linemate Stats
  • Aggregated stats for 5-man lines, offensive trios, defensive pairs, power play units, and penalty kill units.
  • Overall team rankings broken down by defense, offense, and goalies. Currently a work in progress, more to come.
2019 Playoffs Head to Head
  • Ever look at statistical summaries of an NHL game and wonder how the team with more shots, faceoff wins, power-plays, etc. lost the game? Sometimes these common NHL statistics can paint a misleading picture of a game. By granulating new and unique NHL data types with respect to period, man-power situations, and score differential, a whole different story is created. Here we provide these granular statistics for every head to head matchup of the 2019 NHL playoffs.

All statistics, figures, and tables on this website are generated using the R programming Language in RStudio. Please visit for more information.