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plot of chunk gameRSI Figure 1. Top. Cumulative Possession time (seconds) broken down by team. Vertical, dashed lines represent period breaks. Gray shaded regions indicate Power-Play situations for the team listed. Bottom. Win probability for each team. Our current win probability model is initiated by setting the home team and away team probabilities to 53% and 47%, respectively. This conforms to our results found here. Goals for each team are denoted by colored circles with the letter ā€œGā€.

Game Totals

</center> Game totals for each team (Table 1) and Goaltender (Table 2) are displayed below. For more information on uncommon and novel terms, e.g., SHOAG, Possession Time, etc., please visit [**Our Stats Page**](https://jaroberti.github.io/statsBackground/).
</center> Table 1. Offensive Game totals. Team = Team; Cat = Team Category; Rslt = Result; PsT = Possession Time (seconds); PsN = Number of Possessions; Crsi = Corsi; Fnwk = Fenwick; Tng= Tango; Icng = Icing; Off = Offside; Pnl = Penalties Drawn; FOW = Face Off Wins; TW = Turnover Wins (takeaways + giveaway wins); S = Shots; M = Missed Shots; B = Blocked Shots; G = Goals; H = Hit; RbdO = Offensive Rebounds; RbdO% = Offensive Rebound %; RbdD = Defensive Rebounds; RbdD% = Defensive Rebound %; SQ = Shot Quality; SQ = Shot Quality Neutral Shooting Percentage; EG = Expected Goals; NEG = Normalized Expected Goals; SHOAG = Shots On net / Shots At Net; wSHAOG = Weighted SHOAG ![plot of chunk gameTotals](/img/figure/gameTotals-1.png)
</center> Table 2. Goalie & Defensive Game totals. Tm = Team; Gtndr = Goaltender; SA = Shots Against; GA = Goals Against; Cgh% = Cough up Percentage; SQA = Shot Quality Against; EGA = Expected Goals Against; Sv = Number of Saves; Sv% = Save Percentage ![plot of chunk goalieSplits](/img/figure/goalieSplits-1.png)


</center> Below you'll find intragame splits. We provide stats broken down by period (Table 3), score differential (Table 4), and man-power situation (Table 5). The tables below can be filtered.
</center> Table 3. Period Splits. Prd = Period; see Table 1 caption for all other column name abbreviations ![plot of chunk periodSplits](/img/figure/periodSplits-1.png)
Man Power Splits
</center> Table 4. Man-power Splits. ManP = Man Power; see Table 1 caption for all other column name abbreviations. Please note that you may see 'ManP' splits denoted as: Power Play (Up 1 man)/Even Strength, etc. These represent statistics for a team that was initialy on a power play and then the power play expired before they scored (even-strength), all while having possession of the puck. ![plot of chunk manPowerSplits](/img/figure/manPowerSplits-1.png)
Score Splits
</center> Table 5. Score Splits. ScDf = Score Differential; ScCt = Score Category; see Table 1 caption for all other column name abbreviations. ![plot of chunk scoreSplits](/img/figure/scoreSplits-1.png)