SJS @ STL 2018-11-09

plot of chunk gameRSI Figure 1. Top. Cumulative Possession time (seconds) for each team. Vertical, dashed lines represent period breaks. Gray shaded regions with vertical team abbreviations indicate Power-Play situations for the listed team. Bottom. Win probability for each team. Our current win probability model is initiated by setting the home team and away team probabilities to 53% and 47%, respectively. This conforms to the results found here. Goals for each team are denoted by colored circles with the letter “G”.

Game Totals

Game totals for each team (Table 1) and Goaltender (Table 2) are displayed below. For more information on uncommon and novel terms, e.g., SHOAG, Possession Time, etc., please visit Our Stats Page.


Table 1. Offensive Game totals. Team = Team; Cat = Team Category; Rslt = Result; PsT = Possession Time (seconds); PsN = Number of Possessions; Crsi = Corsi; Fnwk = Fenwick; Tng= Tango; Icng = Icing; Off = Offside; Pnl = Penalties Drawn; FOW = Face Off Wins; TW = Turnover Wins (takeaways + giveaway wins); S = Shots; M = Missed Shots; B = Blocked Shots; G = Goals; H = Hit; RbdO = Offensive Rebounds; RbdO% = Offensive Rebound %; RbdD = Defensive Rebounds; RbdD% = Defensive Rebound %; SQ = Shot Quality; SQ = Shot Quality Neutral Shooting Percentage; EG = Expected Goals; NEG = Normalized Expected Goals; SHOAG = Shots On net / Shots At Net; wSHAOG = Weighted SHOAG plot of chunk gameTotals


Table 2. Goalie & Defensive Game totals. Tm = Team; Gtndr = Goaltender; SA = Shots Against; GA = Goals Against; Cgh% = Cough up Percentage; SQA = Shot Quality Against; EGA = Expected Goals Against; Sv = Number of Saves; Sv% = Save Percentage plot of chunk goalieSplits


Below you’ll find intragame splits. We provide stats broken down by period (Table 3), man-power situation (Table 4), and score differential (Table 5).


Table 3. Period Splits. Prd = Period; see Table 1 caption for all other column name abbreviations
plot of chunk periodSplits

Man Power Splits

Table 4. Man-power Splits. ManP = Man Power; see Table 1 caption for all other column name abbreviations. Please note that you may see ‘ManP’ splits denoted as: Power Play (Up 1 man)/Even Strength, etc. These represent statistics for a team that was initialy on a power play and then the power play expired before they scored (even-strength), all while having possession of the puck.
plot of chunk manPowerSplits

Score Splits

Table 5. Score Splits. ScDf = Score Differential; ScCt = Score Category; see Table 1 caption for all other column name abbreviations.
plot of chunk scoreSplits