2019-2020 NHL SEASON

LAST UPDATED: 2020-07-16

Linemate stats represent the collective stats of an N-man NHL line. Linemates are broken down as: full 5-man lines (this page), offensive trios, defensive pairs, power play units, and penalty kill units

How are linemate stats calculated?

NHL Play-by-Play (pBp) files are partitioned by events occurring in an individual game. Each row of data contains a distinct event type, e.g., shot, the period, the time of occurrence (elapsed seconds), the players involved in said event, and all names of players that were on this ice at the time of said event. Using this information we can quantify unique combinations of teammates, i.e., linemates, their collective Time On Ice (TOI), and any events that the linemates directly committed, e.g., a shot on net, or were committed against the line, e.g., a penalty by the opposing team. The logic here is closely related to the somewhat infamous ‘Plus-Minus’ (+/-) stat. However, the scope goes beyond just goals. More information is given below.

  1. All instances of unique linemates are identified in pBp files. The events, e.g., shot on net, penalty, hit, etc. recorded while linemates are on the ice, and the TOI of the linemates are then aggregated by:
    • man-power, e.g., Even Strength, and
    • Team Category, e.g., away or home.
  2. Stat differentials are then calculated for each event type by subtracting The sum of the linemates’ stats AGAINST (i.e., events completed by the linemantes’ opponents) by the sum of the linemates’ stats FOR (i.e., events completed by one of the linemates). The exceptions to this are Shots on Net divided by Shots At Net (SHOAG), weighted SHOAG (wSHOAG), and Face Off win % (FO). The latter are ratios and are not provided as differentials.

Away Stats

Away Even Strength (5v5):

Table 1. Even Strength (5v5) linemate stats for a 5-man line (offense + defense) on away ice. rank = line ranking, calculated as a function of EG_S, Crsi, Gv, and Tk. TOI = Time on Ice (seconds); relTOI = % Time on Ice of given linemates relative to total TOI of all 5-man, even-strength, linemate combinations of their respective team; S = Shots; G = Goals; A = Assists; Ms = Missed Shots; Bl = Blocked Shots; Gv = Giveaways; Tk = Takeaways; H = Hits; P = Penalties; I = Icing; O = Offside; EG_S = Expected Goals of shots on net; EG_Ms = Expected Goals of Missed Shots; EG_Bl = Expected Goals of Blocked Shots; Crsi = Corsi; Fnwk = Fenwick; Tngo = Tango; FO = Faceoff Win Percent, SHOAG = Shots on net FOR divided by Corsi FOR; wSHOAG = Weighted SHOAG (weighted by Expected Goals of shots on net FOR, goals FOR, missed shots FOR, and blocked shots FOR). Line combinations accounting for less than 5% of their repective team’s total TOI (relTOI<0.05) are omitted.