2019-2020 NHL SEASON

LAST UPDATED: 2020-07-16

Penalty kill stats capture the combined stats of penalty kill units. The stats presented below are aggregated from Penalty Kill, 4 on 5 (4v5) play, and are split by team category: away and home. All stats are presented as differentials, i.e., Stats FOR - Stats AGAINST, except for Time on Ice (TOI), relative Time on Ice (relTOI), Face off win percentage (FO), Shots On Goal divided by Shots At Goal (SHOAG), and Weighted SHOAG (wSHOAG). FOR stats are aggregated for a given penalty kill unit. These are shots, goals, hits, missed shots, penalties, blocked shots, and derived stats. AGAINST stats are aggregated for the opposing team’s Power Play Unit. The AGAINST stats are then subtracted from the FOR stats and presented below.

For more information on the derivation of the below stats, see here

Away Stats

Away Penalty Kill (4v5):

Table 1. Linemate stats for 4-man penalty kill units on away ice. rank = line ranking, calculated as a function of EG_S, Crsi, Gv, and Tk. TOI = Time on Ice (seconds); relTOI = % Time on Ice of given Penalty Kill unit relative to total TOI of all Penalty Kill units on their respective team;; S = Shots; G = Goals; A = Assists; Ms = Missed Shots; Bl = Blocked Shots; Gv = Giveaways; Tk = Takeaways; H = Hits; P = Penalties; I = Icing; O = Offside; EG_S = Expected Goals of shots on net; EG_Ms = Expected Goals of Missed Shots; EG_Bl = Expected Goals of Blocked Shots; Crsi = Corsi; Fnwk = Fenwick; Tngo = Tango; FO = Faceoff Win Percent, SHOAG = Shots on net FOR divided by Corsi FOR; wSHOAG = Weighted SHOAG (weighted by Expected Goals of shots on net FOR, goals FOR, missed shots FOR, and blocked shots FOR). Line combinations accounting for less than 5% of their repective team’s total TOI (relTOI<0.05) are omitted.