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Icetistics [ īs’tistiks ] - A New Genre of Hockey Analytics

Here at we apply novel algorithms to NHL play-by-play files to discern valuable information that is often overlooked. Our methods are presented with background research (when applicable), justifications, and analyses.

All statistics and analytics on this website were generated using the R programming Language in RStudio. Please visit for more information.

NHL Data QA/QC Framework
There are sometimes errors and/or invalid data entries within NHL play-by-play data. We developed an automated process that downloads and processes NHL play-by-play datasets, and identifies and cleans innacurate entries within these datasets.

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Temporal Estimates of Puck Possession
To our knowledge there is no publicly disseminated metric in the hockey analytics community that quantifies *direct estimates* (temporal) of puck possession. We’re changing that...

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Statistical Splits
We provide home/away splits as well as more granular splits that detail each team's win/loss percentage while trailing or leading an opponent after the 1st and 2nd period.

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Shot Quality, SHOAG, Rebounds, and more
We generate statistics that are often overlooked, unmentioned, or completely novel in nature.

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