There’s a seemingly endless amount of hockey statistics. Many are commonplace, such as shots and goals. Some are openly debated, e.g., plus-minus (+/-). Some are often overlooked, like icing and offside events, or independently researched but not implemented on a large scale, e.g., shot quality. The backbone of focuses on those stats that are often overlooked, not commonly implemented, or completely novel in nature. Follow the links below to learn more.

Shot Quality

Shot quality is the brain child of Alan Ryder and Ken Krzywicki. They’ve published a handful of articles about shot quality over the past couple of decades. A brief overview of shot quality is presented here to inform the reader of its uses and applicability.

The meaning behind shot quality is straightforward – it’s the quality of shots taken on net. Shot quality is a way to quantify the effectiveness of offense, defense, and goaltenders. It is derived via Eq. (1) thru Eq. (4) following Krzywicki (2010) and Ryder (2004).

Shot quality can be calculated against (SQA) or for (SQF) a given team and describes the potency (quality) of shots by a team. The larger the value of SQ, the better the quality of overall shots for the respective data aggregation period. For example, a SQF of 1.15 means that the quality of shots taken by a team would result in 20% more goals than a team with a SQF of 0.95 (Ryder 2007). Shot quality can be calculated for any subset of NHL data, e.g., entire season, power-play situations, etc. (Ryder 2007). In addition to being calculated for an entire team, shot quality can be calculated for individual players and/or line mates. Given its usefulness and because it can be used for data splits, like those that we offer on our site, we’ve added it to our arsenal of regularly calculated statistics. For more specifics on shot quality, please visit and Krzywicki (2005; 2010) and Ryder (2004; 2007).


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